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Discover Your Ancestors

Discover Your Ancestors

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The new year is going to see millions of new records added to TheGenealogist across a wide variety of collections:

  • The site is adding millions of new and unique parish records and bishops’ transcripts are being added for many more counties.
  • A new and unique record set covering detailed records of our ancestors houses, which will be searchable by name, address and area, with high resolution maps showing the property.
  • An ongoing project with The National Archives is set to release yet more detailed colour county and tithe maps with tags to show where your ancestors lived.
  • The site is releasing a 1921 census substitute, using a wide variety of records including trade and residential directories of the time.
  • New decades of BT27 Passenger Lists and Emigration Records will become available.
  • The International Headstone Project will be expanded with more Commonwealth cemeteries added.
  • More worldwide war memorials added to the site’s database.
  • Following on from its release of over 230 million US records in 2016, the site will also be launching more US records in 2017.

Thanks to new technology and new silver halide film provided by The National Archives, TheGenealogist has now been able to re-scan the 1891 census with improved resolution and quality. This combination of improved readability and new transcripts will help locate your ancestors and view the relevant images with a superior grayscale format. The new ‘Deep Zoom’ images have over five times the resolution of previous images. They will be lightning fast to view thanks to the technology used in the new image interface. These new images will launch in early 2017.

Millions of new parish records added to the TheGenealogist

Released in partnership with the Hampshire Genealogical Society, now has over 2.1 million new fully searchable records of individuals released online for the first time.

Anyone searching for ancestors from Hampshire can discover almost 1.8 million people recorded within the baptisms from this area in the south of England as far back as 1538 up to 1751; there are also details of over 212,000 individuals from marriages between 1538 and 1753 and nearly 143,800 people listed in burials from 1838 to 1865.

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