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Ancestors magazine was published by Wharncliffe Publishing Limited and The National Archives. It has now ceased publication.

The Knights of England, Scotland, Ireland and Knight Bachelors (S&N Genealogy Supplies, £19.95) contains a complete record of the knights of the orders of chivalry in the British Isles between 1348-1904. Besides the orders of the Garter, Thistle, St Patrick and Bath, there are others, including the order of St Michael and St George (which has two classes, KCMG, also known informally as 'Kindly Call Me God' and GCMG, 'God Calls Me God'). Two others, the Start of India and the Indian Empire, testify to the importance previously attached to this part of the Empire and the Hanoverian Guelphic Order is a reminder of the origin of today's monarchy. The Royal Victorian Order, created by Queen Victoria, completes the list. Knight Bachelors do not belong to a specific order. Dr Shaw's original book, of which this is a digital facsimile, was published in 1906, and contains fascinating details of where and why men were enobled, suhc as on the battlefield, or for government service, or because they were eminent businessmen. There is an index, although the researcher will have to look elsewhere to find out more about how the orders themselves were created and what they were intended to reward.

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