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Boer War and Catholic Records

With the Flag to Pretoria: A History of the Boer War of 1899-1900

Publisher: S&N Genealogy
ISBN: 9781847276971
Price: £17.45

On this CD you'll find a digitised version of HW Wilson's detailed history of the Second Boer War 1899-1900, written in 1900. The book includes over 1,000 photographs and engravings.

You can read accounts of battles fought and conditions experienced, plus a roll of Victoria Cross awardees.

Use it for: Learning more about the Boer War

Catholic Records Recusant Rolls 1592-93

Publisher: S&N Genealogy
ISBN: 9781847276605
Price: £17.95

This 16th century record lists those people who didn't attend services at the parish church, together with details of any fines or confiscations given for refusal. Entries cover England and Wales.

Use it for: Finding your Catholic ancestors in England and Wales.

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