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Your Family History

Your Family History

Your Family History was published by Wharncliffe Publishing Limited. It has now ceased publication.

April's new data CD releases

Devon, Plymouth 1937 Kelly's Directory

£16.95 on CD, £11.85 as a download

This CD resource gives users a look at Plymouth before the Second World War. It includes a street directory, an alphabetical directory containing names and addresses, a neighbourhood directory, which lists individuals in the same area, and a professional and trades directory. There is also a section on naval and military establishments in Plymouth, along with local institutions such as schools, and historical information.

The Court & City Register 1783 together with The Companion to the Royal Kalendar

£16.95 on CD

Two directories listing people of influence in England and beyond in 1783. The Court and City Register includes the Houses of Peers and Commons, Sovereign Princes of Europe, Knights, Ministers, Doctors of Law, The War Office, Military, senior staff in America and Africa and more. The Companion to the Royal Kalendar adds the departments of the Lord Chamberlain, Lord Steward, Lord Chancellor and Board of Trade.

Army List 1873 Annual (Hart's)

£14.95 on CD

This CD contains the rank, standing, and various services of every regimental officer in the army serving on full pay. Amongst the information you can find names, ranks and dates of commissions. This CD includes infantry, cavalry, artillery, engineers, and militia, etc.

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