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February 2010


Navy List - October 1915

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A complete list of WWI Navy officers

Publisher: S&N British Data Archive
t. 01722 716121
Price: £12.95

Given the carnage of the Western Front, the Royal Navy's important role in keeping Britain supplies during World War I is often overlooked. In that respect, it only seems fair to have a look at this list of seafarers from 1915.

Like its Army equivalent, the List only records officers of the Navy and Marines, giving their name, and date of promotion. The list is organised by seniority, with the King at the top, and units and branches following, split into captains, commanders, lieutenants etc. The men in each rank are then listed by the year they achieved their promotion, with the day and month next to their name. You can use these details to find more about your forebears' careers using service records and other Navy documents at The National Archives.

There are thousands of men listed within the 1,600 pages, with additional information such as bookmarks for officers who were killed or retired, pensions, medals awarded, a list of vessels and even descriptions of regulations and uniforms. Though it will simply be a starting point for many, this CD is still a superb resource overflowing with useful information.

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