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October 2004

S&N's Second World War, Army Navy, RAF and Indian Services Staff Deaths CD is part of the company's Overseas Births, Marriages and Deaths Series.

t shows the name, rank, service number or rating, along with the unit or branch and year of death, with reference to the original document where available, for servicemen and women who died overseas during the second World War.

Divided into 11 sections, including a menu and a catalogue of other S&N products, there is a very useful bookmark down the left-hand side of the page which enables you to jump to the letter of the alphabet you require.

The Army is divided into three sections: A-H, I-Z, Army officers; the Navy has two sections: Officers and Ratings; the RAF comprises three: A-L, M-R and S-Z; while the Indian Services Staff has one.

The CD is very easy to use and read with lots of information on it. Unfortunately, in two of the RAF sections the General Register Office microfiche — from which the CD images were obtained — were not of sufficient quality to scan very well. Having said that, S&N have done their upmost to make them readable by doing repeated greyscale scanning of them — so if you magnify them you get a legible copy.

With thousands of names this CD is an asset to the family or military historian's research.

The CD runs on Windows 95 or later and you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 installed.


A portion of the other ranks in the Army section I-Z.

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