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March 2008

Etonians who fought in the World War 1939-1945

Originally published in book form in 1950, this publication will be of interest to all with Eton connections, and as an aid to a study of the Second World War.

It lists the Old Etonians who served in the armed forces, records the year they left the school and the house they were in. Members of the aristocracy abound and most of those listed were officers. However some of those called-up soon after leaving school, or those killed in the early years of the war, were gunners or able seamen.

Arranged alphabetically by surname, it holds records such as the assasination of Lord Moyne in Cairo in 1944 to M H H Wells, ordinary seaman.

It also lists Eton staff, those who died as a result of enemy action up to 1950 and the single boy who died while still at school.

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