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July 2007

Paul Gaskell Reviews the Best of the New Releases

Baedeker's London and its Environs Etonians Who Fought in The World War 1939-1945 Kelly's Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire 1915 Directory

Baedeker's London and its Environs

This traveller's handbook was first published by the Leipzig form of Karl Baedeker in 1878. The volume reproduced on this CD is the 16th edition, published in 1911.

The sights to see around London described include many that remain staple fare in 2007, from The Tower to Whitehall.

For those with London ancestry, this quirky volume provides an interesting insight into the tourists' capital a hundred years ago.

There are also several detailed contemporary maps that have been scanned at a very high resolution and hence can be enlarged without loss of quality.

As usual, this S&N publication is in Adobe PDF format, and is bookmarked and fully searchable for ease of use.

Etonians Who Fought in The World War 1939-1945

This list of 4,958 Etonians who served in the Second World War only includes Etonians who were engaged in full-time service, not in the Home Guard or Civil Defence Services.

Names are listed alphabetically, and the typical information includes their name, the date they left Eton, name of Eton house, and rank and regiment or corps.

An additional note is made in the case of those 748 Etonians who died in service.

Suitable for both PCs and Macs, the volume is in Adobe PDF format and is bookmarked and searchable.

Kelly's Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire 1915 Directory

This comprises a massive 1,350 pages of information about these counties. Historical and topographical details are given for each town, village and parish, while most pages are devoted to listings of tradesmen and private residents.

Details of local authority officials, police and magistrates are also included - although military information was omitted for security reasons.

Digital enhancement of the page means they are easily read using the Acrobat reader. Pages are bookmarked and fully searchable.

The releases shown are available from S&N Genealogy Supplies.

Prices are £14.95 and £17.45 (Kelly's Directory) plus P&P.

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