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March 2010


Churchyard Inscriptions of London

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Hundreds of grave inscriptions in the capital

Publisher: S&N British Data Archive
t. 01722 716121
Price: £14.45

Given the disjointed nature of monumental inscriptions online, resources that cover a large area, such as this CD for London, are always welcome. The fact that this was originally published in 1910 and contains inscriptions of stones that have since been removed is a real boon for finding out more about your London forebears and their final resting places.

The PDF is arranged alphabetically by the 50 churchyards, with each further divided into tombs, headstones and flatstones. Though some of the graves' entries only include name and date of death, others have more information such as age, spouse's name and other personal messages you can often find on monuments.

There are indexes for surnames and places to help find your forebear quickly, and you can also use the automatic search function.

It's certainly a great aid for researchers interested in the churches covered.

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