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Parish Records for Nottinghamshire

Phillimore's Marriages - Volume IX

Use Phillimore's marriage indexes to track your ancestors back to the 18th century and earlier, before the census and civil registration became available. The records covered in volume IX are for the parishes of Radford, Hucknall Torkard, Annesley, Bulwell, Bunny (Rushcliffe Wapentake) and Langar (Bingham Wapentake). Phillimore's marriage indexes for these Nottinghamshire parishes were originally published in 1906.

Browse the records by clicking the places that have been bookmarked. Alternatively, search for a name by pressing 'Ctrl+F' on your keyboard, or go to 'Edit/Find' on the Acrobat Reader menu bar.

Type the name you wish to search for in the 'Find' window and click 'Next'. For example, to look for 'Thomas Hennefrey', type in 'Henefrey'. An entry can be found in the Bunny section. You will see that Thomas Hennefrey was married to Margaret Foster on 21 October 1564.

A range of CDs covering parish records for Nottinghamshire can be bought from, costing £5.95 per volume, plus £2.50 UK p&p per order. The complete set of volumes 1-22 can be bought for £16.95.

Search for Phillimore Parish Parish Records at

SOFTWARE - RootsMagic UK Edition

RootsMagic 3 UK Edition is now one of the UK's favourite genealogy packages. Use it to:

  • Back up directly to CD
  • Make shareable CDs to give to others
  • Print colour coded pedigree charts, group sheets, descendant lists and timelines
  • Include pictures in narrative reports printed to rich text format (RTF) files
  • View five or six generations simultaneously on the pedigree view, and two to seven generations on the descendant view
  • Drag a person's records into another database and automatically link them
  • See a person's age at every event on their edit page
  • Add private events and notes that you can supress from printing or exporting
  • Display relationships to the root person on the status bar
  • Easily merge duplicate sources from the master source list and add a source to multiple people at once.

For a full description of all the versions, see or They range from a downloadable upgrade to version 3 UK edition for £13.95 (no p&p), to the Platinum edition of version 3 for £49.95 plus £2.50 UK p&p.

Shelton, Staffordshire 1871 Census (RG10/2862-2868)

Novelist Enoch Arnold Bennett was born in the Potteries, Staffordshire. The Potteries were a group of six towns (later to become Stoke-on-Trent) and Bennett used his experiences in these places as influence for his writings.

His father changed career from pawnbroker and clother to soliciter, and he is believed to have encouraged Arnold (as he was known) to follow in this footsteps, but Arnold moved to London and started writing for magazines. His first book was published in 1898 and A Man From the North earned him enough income to start writing full time. He went on to write 30 novels, and numerous non-fiction works.

Bennett's writing style was often criticised as being weak, but he was not shy to admit that he wrote for an income as well as pleasure, which may have upset come of his contemporaries. His most successful works included Anna of the Five Towns, The Old Wives' Tale, and Clayhanger. Several of his books were adapted for the screen.

Finding your way around the Census:

Click on a piece number - for instance, RG10/2866.

Every 10th folio is bookmarked, so use the bookmarks to move around the census piece quickly. To get to folio 56, select the bookmark for folio 60 and scroll backwards until you reach folio 56.

Above: The 1871 Staffordshire census shows Enoch A Bennett at the age of three, living with his family and servants in Shelton (RG10/2866 page 113).

The 1871 Census for Staffordshire is available on CD from for £24.95 plus £2.50 UK p&p.

Online transcripts and images, plus name indexes, are available at for some counties and census years.

1871 Staffordshire Census, available at