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August 2007

Parish Records for Leicestershire
Phillimore's Marriages Volume IX

Track your ancestors back to the 18th century and earlier using Phillimore's marriage indexes to the parish records. The parish records covered in volume IX are for the parishes of Walton-on-the-Wolds, Quorndon, Woodhouse, Wanlip, Swithland and Humberstone.

Find your way around the parish records

Browse the records by clicking on the places that have been bookmarked. Alternatively, search for a person's name by selecting 'Edit/Find' on the Acrobat Reader menu bar (or use the shortcut 'Ctrl+F').

Type the name you wish to search for in the 'Find' window and click 'Next'. For example, to look for 'William Leadbeater', type in 'Leadbeater'.

An entry should be found on page 100 of the Wanlip section. You will see that William Leadbeater (of Burton Lazars) married Mary Benskin by licence on the 6 February 1817.

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