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October 2004

Kathy Chater's CD round-up

Army Officers

1806 Army List (S&N, £19.95) lists officers in the regular army, as well as officers holding local rank abroad. In 1806, there was a lull in the series of wars the British had been fighting: the Peninsular War would not involve Britain until 1808. There were therefore a number of officers of the Army an Royal Marines on half- and full-pay, with their dates of appointment. The Succession of Colonels gives a list of the colonels of individual regiments. These date back to their founding, often in the mid-seventeenth century, when a standing army was first formed. In the early days, regiments were usually known by the colonel's name — only later did they get titles and numbers. Family historians may have found references to an ancestor in Colonel X's regiment so this is helpful to discover in which regiment an ancestor served and therefore where to look for records. The Garrisons around the World section gives the names of the officers stationed in them in 1806. The publication is indexed.

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